Hello there

I’m Flávio Miguel
Santos, a 26 years
old Graphic, Digital,
UI/UX… Designer &
Maker currently
based in Lisbon,

about me

As you may have noticed I’m not really into labels, that’s because I’ve done a lot of things… I’ve studied Cinema. Graduated in Graphic Design. Worked at an Advertising Agency. Designed Books for a living. Managed my own company for almost 3 years — Halfazebra Studio. I even own a Theatre company, where I’m an Actor/Set Designer & Carpenter.

All that made me a Swiss Army Designer (not related to the movie). The truth is I just love to build things, all kind of things… Brands, Websites, Typefaces, my own furniture and one day even my own house.


Creative Direction, Branding, UI/UX, HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress, Editorial, Typography, Lettering, Illustration

Miguel Carraça

Co-Founder at Halfazebra Studio

The best amateur coder in our town, the master of repairs, he’s like if MacGyver and Milton Glaser had a love child. Flávio likes to make up cool puns about almost everything and enjoys critisizing the kerning on restaurant menus. His dream is to build his own tiny house and live wherever he pleases while learning how to master bossa nova melodies on his old acoustic guitar. Flávio is also a nice guy

Miguel CarraçaCo-Founder at Halfazebra Studio